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The doshas on vacation

ayurveda on holiday

What is your dosha on vacation? The doshas are confusing to many people. (If you have no idea what I am talking about, go to this page and download my dosha guide!) It is only by observing that the doshas start to make sense and show in other people. Sometimes it is easier to recognise […]

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Ayurvedic dictionary for beginners

Ayurvedic dictionary If you are completely new to Ayurveda all the different Sanskrit terms can be overwhelming. Trying to distinguish ama from mala and gunas from doshas? Then start here with this ayurvedic dictionary for beginners. Sanskrit is a very rich language. Often Sanskrit words don’t even have a good translation in English. They may […]

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Ayurvedic properties of eggs

Easter is around the corner! The shops are filling with chocolate and painted eggs but… are eggs good for you? I’m not talking about the chocolate kind but about the chicken egg. Let’s investigate the ayurvedic perspective of eggs :) Want to know about ayurveda and chocolate? Then read this post. Ayurvedic properties of eggs […]

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Delicious ayurvedic pancakes

ayurvedic pancakes

I love a good pancake breakfast (and lunch, and dinner…). I go through phases where I’ll have them every day for days in a row, and then don’t eat them for two months. This is definitely one of these every day episodes… Here I have an ayurvedic pancake recipe for you with just a few […]

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7 ayurvedic self care practices for autumn

7 ayurvedic self care practices

I don’t know where the year went, but we are getting close to the shortest day of the year. It is getting chilly and the flu is going around. What can you do now to support your immune system and better take care of yourself and your health? These easy to implement ayurvedic self care […]

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