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Coronavirus: high Vata in the collective consciousness

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Wow, what a rollercoaster we are on. The coronavirus pandemic has the world in its grip and there are a lot of consequences.

There is plenty of information about prevention out there but I just wanted to offer some insight on the Ayurvedic side of things. We are in a time where there is a real threat to our health, economy and society as a whole. The world as we know it is about to change. (it already was about to change due to climate change, but suddenly something more urgent popped up).

The collective consciousness is being disturbed by lots of anxiety and worry about the threat and changes that will happen to our society because of it. It is basically a highly elevated Vata time for us as humankind and our planet.

It is basically a highly elevated Vata time for us as humankind and our planet.

High Vata in the collective consciousness

High Vata can lead to anxiety, excessive worrying, insomnia and digestive problems when not kept in check. It is SUPER important to ground yourself, stick to a routine when you are working at home and connect with other beings – be they pets or your family. I dislike the term ‘social distancing’ SO much. What we need right now is ‘physical’ distancing, not social distancing. We need community now more than ever.

What we need right now is ‘physical’ distancing, not social distancing. We need community now more than ever.

Balancing Vata in uncertain times

One way to balance increased Vata is to increase the other doshas. Increasing Kapha now by increasing our understanding and loving kindness that is so inherently Kapha will heal the wounds caused by the insecurity and fear we are all experiencing. Offering help where it may be needed can help us stay grounded.

Increasing Pitta to balance the excessive Vata in the collective can be done in a way that is so essentially Pitta: to plan for what might happen and be prepared (which doesn’t mean raiding the shops, but being reasonable, logical and planning for the foreseeable future, like the next week or next two weeks.). Control what you can and let go of the rest.

Creativity is rising

When you are able to deal with excessive Vata in the collective you might have also sensed that it opens up another aspect of being in elevated Vata times: creativity. We are being creative about getting together in appropriate ways, rethinking our life choices, how we make money, how we want our society to look going forwards and so on. Enjoy and take advantage of this energy, without being disrespectful to the people who are suffering.

Ayurveda is not just food or self care practices. Ayurveda practices also include having a purpose in life and a connection with the divine to live your life to the fullest and healthiest. You might notice that what is happening now is really questioning where you are with this and how you want to continue your life going forward.

I am so curious to see what will come out of this!

Things that can help with worry and anxiety


Now is the time where you can really benefit from a regular meditation practice. All the apps have guided meditation practices for controlling anxiety. Try it!

limit your screen time.

Screens are Vata increasing. It’s important to stay informed, but choose other pastimes than Netflix or YouTube if you can.

stick to a daily routine.

Maybe you need to change your normal routine a bit but having a routine will really help you stay grounded.


Eliminate the stress out of your body. Walk the dog, dance, do yoga. Anything that will help you let out steam and have your nervous system return to rest and digest.

feel togetherness

Get together virtually, have a laugh and feel cared for will decrease your anxiety. You are not alone in this. Being physically apart doesn’t mean you have to be lonely. Reach out to people you might suspect to be lonely.

I hope this helps. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you are having difficulty navigating these difficult times.

Love always,


Coronavirus and ayurveda
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