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Ayurveda Foodies is a new Facebook Group for everyone who likes good food and ayurveda!

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Ayurveda and smoothies

Ayurveda sees smoothies as a little bit problematic. I realise I may not be making myself popular with this statement! Isn’t the green smoothie the healthiest food you can have? 🤨I’ll explain why the concept of a smoothie is a bad idea. Don’t worry! You can still have your smoothie buuuut I’ll give you some

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doshas at work

The doshas at work

August is coming to an end. Time to go back to work! (Well I have been working all summer as it’s high season here but maybe it’s different for you). Following my post about the doshas on holiday, here is some insight on the doshas at work… and how the doshas act in a professional

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