Hi there. My name is Irina. I am a qualified yoga teacher, ayurvedic lifestyle consultant and massage therapist. I would love nothing more than work with you to help you create the life you want. What, through yoga? Yes.

  • By offering you the chance to look deeply inside yourself
  • By taking you on a retreat where you can relax and leave all your worries behind
  • Where you can learn to be YOU again

Do you feel stuck? On a rollercoaster that just keeps going?  Stressed out day after day? Trust me, I have been there. And it sucks, my friends.

So how did I get from there to here?

Corporate life

After almost 10 years of struggling in the corporate world, I found myself looking at another bore-out and wondering: “Is this it?”. 
I was good at my job, earned good money, bought my own apartment before my 30th, had a company car and 40 days of holiday per year. In theory that sounds awesome, right? And yet I was stressed all the time, working all.the.time and unhappy with my life. I felt like I was in a prison.


At the time that I was struggling the most in my job I went on a yoga retreat in Italy. It was amazing to do yoga every day, eat gorgeous food and just have me-time to meditate and think about what I really wanted to do with my life. By the end of the retreat I was sure that organising yoga retreats would be my dream job but I just didn’t think it was possible. I went back to work and it wasn’t until years later when I realised I would crash completely that I decided to go travelling.

Living the dream life

Before I knew it I went to India where I trained 3 months to become a yoga teacher. Then I spent a further 6 months there studying Ayurveda, the ancient Indian “science of life”. After many years I am finally doing my dream job, living my dream life.

Don’t lose years like me! Whatever limiting beliefs you have about yourself, I want to smash them with you! Because life is too precious to live just for the weekend…