Vegan vs plant-based vs ayurvedic food: what is the difference?

vegan vs plant-based vs ayurvedic(1)

Vegetarian, vegan, plant-based, ayurvedic, glutenfree, paleo, keto,… There are lots of diets or ways of eating these days. Can you still follow? Today I will explain to you what the difference is between vegan, plant-based and ayurvedic food. Let’s start with vegan. Vegan Vegans eat nothing that either was an animal or is produced by […]

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How to balance Kapha in winter

how to balance kapha in winter(1), winter kapha balancing foods

How to balance kapha in winter Thank God the days are getting longer again. In Belgium we had the darkest month of December in almost a century: only about 10 hours of sunshine all month *gasp*. Many people are having symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (‘SAD’). If you’ve been feeling down, moody, irritable and without […]

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