Magnetic Island: sunniest place in Australia

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Chasing the sun after a few rain drenched days… When it rains, sleeping in a van means you have to make the awful choice of a) suffocating in the stuffed van (no ventilation) or b) opening the door and getting rain in your face. b) is the best choice, definitely. But it’s more of a catch 22 if you ask me.
So we checked the weather report thoroughly (quick learners) and decided to drive to the first place where sunshine would be guaranteed, i.e. 400 kilometres south… That’s how we ended up in Townsville.

Townsville is the gateway to Magnetic Island. It’s situated in the “dry tropics” (did we like the sound of that!!) and boasts 320 days of sunshine a year. It also has a colony of koalas and nice beaches. Ow yeah, we were jumping to get on that ferry!

Forts walk

Once there we did the Forts walk, with remains of a WW2 army base.

View from the bunker on Magnetic Island
View from the bunker on Magnetic Island
Taking in the spectacular views of Magnetic Island
Taking in the spectacular views of Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island

Beautiful "Maggie"
Beautiful “Maggie”
The command tower. Where we belong ;-)
The command tower. Where we belong ;-)

Koala spotting

And bonus: on the way up the hill Eagle Eye Riri was able to spot a koala :-)

Koala on Magnetic Island. Yes, it's real!
Koala on Magnetic Island. Yes, it’s real!
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