Things to do in Byron Bay

Things to do in Byron Bay:

1. Learn to surf
2. Learn to surf
3. Learn to surf

I’m kidding, Byron has loads more to offer than that! But if you do want to learn, it’s the place to be.

I’ll start over:

6 things to do in Byron Bay

1. Learn to surf.

I mean it! The water is warm and there are good beginners’ waves… We took 2 days lessons at Soul surf school. They have great teachers, give you feedback on how you get on and explain why you have to do something (or not).

Our group of newbie surfers at Soul Surf School. Image credits Rodrigo Cassiano, Byron SurfPics
Our group of newbie surfers at Soul Surf School. Image credits Rodrigo Cassiano, Byron SurfPics

2.Visit the hippie market

If you happen to be there on Sunday, visit the hippie market. Whether you’re after a sundress, great food and even better coffee, handicrafts or feathers in your hear (check), there is something for you. There’s also live music, and face painting and candle making workshops for children. You know, hippie stuff!

3. Walk up to the lighthouse.

Or run, you won’t be the only one. I tried. Sore for two days ;-)

Byron Bay Lighthouse
Byron Bay Lighthouse
Byron Bay cliffs
Byron Bay cliffs

4. Party…

The Beach Hotel transforms into a club on weekends and attracts tourists and locals from the wide neighbourhood. We also went to a silent beach party: three DJs in a van give you the option between three music channels on your headphones. You can see from the colour of each other’s headphones who’s listening to the same music as you. Nothing beats dancing on the beach. Check them here.

Funmakers silent beach party
Funmakers silent beach party

5. Other adventurous activities

If you’re not into surfing, you can hire a kayak or stand-up paddle board (SUP), go skydiving, scuba diving, cycling,… or lie on the beach and watch the newbie surfers. It’s very entertaining.

6. If you have a car, drive to Lake Ainsworth, Lennox Head.

The tea tree lined freshwater lake got copper coloured water from the trees. You can hire a SUP, learn to sail or just swim… Your skin will thank you for it afterwards.

So if you’re going to Byron Bay, allow plenty of time to visit. You’ll want to stay, like, forever.

byron bay road sign

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