50 reasons why people want to try yoga

Reasons why people want to try yoga (and one reason they stick with it)

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There are many possible reasons why people get interested in yoga. They heard it’s good for weight loss, or to get flexible, or they see amazing postures on Instagram and they want to do that too. Many of the reasons why people come to yoga are superficial, but the reason why people keep coming back is not… My place here is not to judge why people choose to try yoga.

After all I was one of those who wanted to get challenged, get fit, and get flexible… But I got so much more. When I stumbled into that ashtanga class in my gym in 2007 I never would have thought I would become a yoga teacher. That I would (occasionally) find peace of mind. And that this would become my life. But my story is not unique. It could be yours too.

Here are 50 reasons why people want to try yoga:

  1. To get flexible
  2. To gain arm strength
  3. To relax
  4. To get into a handstand (or another inversion)
  5. To lose weight
  6. To get a good workout
  7. To recover quicker from other workouts
  8. To gain peace of mind
  9. To increase lung capacity
  10. To learn to love your body
  11. To learn how to manage pain
  12. To increase mobility in the joints
  13. To have better focus
  14. To feel less stressed
  15. To get a stronger body
  16. To post great pictures on Instagram
  17. To strengthen the core
  18. To have a better posture
  19. To work out different muscles
  20. To get a ‘yoga body’
  21. To get a ‘yoga butt’
  22. To release emotions
  23. To energise oneself
  24. To travel and host retreats ;-)
  25. To clear your mind
  26. To sweat
  27. To detox
  28. To cry
  29. To lower blood pressure
  30. To get together to practise
  31. To be part of a community
  32. To prevent headaches and migraine
  33. To heal from an injury
  34. To heal from other trauma
  35. To become more aware
  36. To improve balance
  37. To boost digestion
  38. To dance better
  39. To run better
  40. To… [add any sport] better
  41. To increase circulation
  42. To become more present
  43. To sleep better
  44. To become more resilient
  45. To look and feel younger
  46. To challenge oneself
  47. To increase intuition
  48. To find bliss
  49. To find love
  50. To savasana

And the one reason why people keep practicing? Because it works…

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