Radio silence


Radio silence… *personal update*. If it weren’t for Facebook or Instagram you might probably be a bit worried by now! So before I create my next post about climbing Mountain Batur in Bali, I will try to explain why I haven’t been writing for a while….
I blame 2 things for my temporary digital absence. ;-)

Dead iPhone

One: technology failure. My phone has been having major blips lately and is now nearly dead. iPhone’s life expectancy in this part of the world is much shorter, it seems. Apparently they don’t work very well with a moist climate and sand… My iPad is not much better with its cracked screen. The cable I need to transfer pictures from my camera to the iPad went home with a friend weeks ago and I have only been able to replace it this week… Wifi in Indonesia has been intermittent and slow, ok for a Facebook update but not for uploading pictures to my blog… (and since I only have 3G on my phone, you see where this is going). I’m not that bad a writer but I know most of you are mainly here to see pictures, so no pictures, no blog right? ;-)

Two: can you be too busy travelling? Yes you can! Fellow long-term travellers will recognise this for sure: after a few months of continuous travelling, packing your bag every 2 days, arranging transport, a place to sleep, making decisions about where to go next, what to do and where to eat every single day can become very draining. You have so many things to process: seeing all these wonderful places, learning new skills, meeting many many new people… The pace my friends and I have been travelling at in Australia was challenging us all. The story the pictures tell you is only half of what was happening! If you could only look behind the scenes…

Travel burnout

So after a while of travelling like this you sort of get a brain overload… We were almost in – dare I say it? – a travel burnout. It sounds so crazy! When you suddenly just want to travel at a slower pace, and it doesn’t matter so much anymore if you see all the sights; you prefer to stay in one place for a longer time to process all the good, the bad and the amazing things that you’ve been through lately. You just want to unpack your bag in a room with a wardrobe… Discover all the restaurants in one town and actually have a favourite place to go to! Make a place feel like home for a little while…

Don’t get me wrong, I am so happy and I consider myself very lucky to be travelling for such a long time! Just for me it was high time I pulled the emergency brakes and listened to what my mind and body have been trying to tell me for many weeks already… Get some rest!!

So here I am again. Technology could be better still, but I will try to spam post this week. Promise. :-)

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