Vintage & coffee

Melbourne and Sydney are totally different. Whereas in Sydney there seems to be more of a “body culture” (especially in Bondi), Melbourne has a totally different vibe. More alternative, edgier, rockyer. Although that may be due to the places we visited… So for now still holding off from final judgement.



Melbourne was a welcome break from nature, hiking, camping, if only to do our laundry (we now of course have 2 loads of clothes as the airline finally managed to get our luggage to where we were). We stayed in Brunswick, where the many vintage shops have funny names such as Kinki Gerlinki, Viscious Venus and Penny Lane (no shopping allowed, too much stuff already.. And buying records is probably not a good idea if you’re travelling 5 more months). Many pubs, restaurants and even a whole shopping centre are tucked away, and can only be found if you know where to look. And heaven oh heaven, Melbourne has loads of coffee bars. With good coffee!!


Being Belgian, a visit to Yarra Valley Chocolaterie was obligatory. Having been without chocolate for 3 weeks, maybe we went a bit overboard in the shop…



Too much to see and do, and Melbourne is fantastic… We’ll be back!

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