doshas at work

The doshas at work

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August is coming to an end. Time to go back to work! (Well I have been working all summer as it’s high season here but maybe it’s different for you). Following my post about the doshas on holiday, here is some insight on the doshas at work… and how the doshas act in a professional context. Tell me your work style dosha in the comments below!


Vatas are often found in creative professions. Artists, musicians, photographers, graphic designers, writers, fashion designers and so on likely have high Vata dosha. They’d be bored to death in an office! If they were to be found there they are likely the life of the office, organising birthday celebrations and extracurricular activities. That or they have a creative side hustle (or three) that they would like to take to the next level…

Vatas are allergic to air conditioning (dry+cold is Vata aggravating) so if you hear anyone complain at the office it’ll be Vata.

Vatas can’t sit still for a long time and find it hard to focus on one thing. Unless of course their job is aligned with their dharma or mission and they are in flow. When that happens they forget to eat or even that they have friends and family.

3 tips for Vata dosha at work

  • Take your lunch break, always! It’s the most important meal of the day.
  • Plan ahead and work with lists to organise your mind so you can allow your creativity to flow freely.
  • Don’t leave things too close to the deadline. Maybe you work well under stress, but the people you work with might not.


Pittas are natural born leaders. You’ll find them in management roles, jobs with great responsibility or setting up their own business. Pittas are highly focussed, love precision and get things done. That makes them excellent engineers, architects, scientists or working in the military. They know exactly how to get to their goal and woe you standing in Pitta’s way!

Pittas are great in organising. Zero inbox? Yes, a Pitta. Pittas like to track their progress. Oh, they loooove making lists and checking things off. But Pitta’s near obsession with targets mean they can overlook the ‘human’ aspect. To be a great leader you also need to understand your people and get them on your side!

3 Tips for Pitta dosha at work

  • Be mindful that you are not just making pretty lists and plans for the sake of them but also executing them.
  • Communication is important. Show appreciation for your coworkers and help them understand why you want something done in a certain way. And be open to different opinions!
  • Take time off. Your hyper focus can lead to obsession with work. Pittas are most sensitive to burn-out.


Kaphas are found in the more nurturing or supporting professions. They are often in roles that are not always appreciated enough (monetarily) in our society like nurses, teachers, personal assistants. Kapha’s earth element and caring nature leads them to roles as a healer or chef in which they excel.

Once Kaphas are on a path they’ll stay in it forever. If Kapha does make a change it is with much more difficulty than necessary. Kapha is the only one who could thrive in a 9-5 environment. They love the predictability of every day. Family life is more important to them than work, and they can show little ambition elsewhere.

3 tips for Kapha dosha at work

  • Kaphas do well to mix things up. Change a routine, register for a course or try a new restaurant for lunch.
  • It’s important to stand up for yourself and what you believe in, Kapha. Be clear about your boundaries.
  • Have a regular clear-out in your office, closet or kitchen. Kaphas are notorious hoarders.

The doshas at work

I hope this post about the doshas at work and this one about the doshas on holiday helps you get a deeper understanding of the typical traits of every dosha or ayurvedic type. Remember, no one is 100% single dosha! You may recognise behaviours from multiple doshas. We are all unique in our constitution: that’s what makes it so interesting. Next time you’re in the office or another professional setting, try to recognise the doshas in your coworkers! :) it’s fun!

The doshas at work: how the doshas act in a professional context.
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