doshas in quarantine

The doshas in quarantine: how the doshas behave in social isolation

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The doshas in quarantine - empty city street

I could never have imagined that I’d be writing THIS blog post in the series ‘How the doshas behave’… but here we go. The doshas in quarantine: each of the doshas has their own difficulties and coping strategies when being forced into quarantine and social isolation.

From the archives in the same series:

Vata dosha in quarantine

Pray to God there is someone to quarantine with Vata because they do not like to be alone. They are super sociable, have a big circle of friends and acquaintances and are often the life of the party with their hilarious stories. Loneliness is hitting Vata hard at the moment as one of their main outlets has been taken away.

Vatas’ nervous system easily gets overexcited. Vatas have a tendency for anxiety and this whole Coronavirus situation may just be the trigger to set Vata off. From worrying about loved ones, jobs or finances to conspiracy theories, Vatas will lose sleep over this. It can also trigger or worsen OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder).

Quarantine coping strategies for Vata


Vatas need an outlet for all their nervous energy and one of the most important ones is movement. A daily walk is the very least but creative Vata will surely be able to come up with the most fun online class there is on the internet. 

Be creative

Speaking of creativity – Vatas excel at that, and anything that will help Vata channel that creative energy will help calm Vata down. Think painting, knitting, creative writing, dancing, inventing a game for the kids, redesigning the garden,… Keep Vatas’ hands and feet moving daily and they will be ok. 


To avoid loneliness Vatas need to feel connected to other human beings so if you are a Vata or know someone who is, reach out to them regularly. If you are sharing a house with a Vata feeling closeness with lots of hugs and a foot rub or exchange of massage will keep them happy.

grounding practices

Meditation and breathing practices will help Vata deal with their feelings around all this. Vata is probably the most difficult to convince that meditation is good for them because they have all these thoughts swirling in their head. They get frustrated even thinking about sitting still and meditating but it is something – with practice – that will get Vata in control.

Pitta dosha in quarantine

Pray to God there is no one to quarantine with Pitta because they will unleash their anger and frustration about the situation onto them. After 5 weeks it’s normal to get irritated by loved ones if you are constantly together but you will know it for sure when you have crossed a fiery Pitta. 

Being locked up does not sit well with Pitta and their mind will go to ALL the ways they can break the rules. 

Pittas may flee in their work and if that’s not an option they are taking courses and learning new things or mastering old hobbies. They are keeping incredibly busy, tackling probably all the chores in the house but they are running the risk of burning themselves out. 

Quarantine coping strategies for Pitta


Pittas need an outlet for their energy but it shouldn’t be their work. They might need ‘a project’ to run but ideally it’s something that involves teamwork or brings people together, like organising a donation campaign for a local charity. 

process feelings

They need to set boundaries for themselves and process their feelings of being locked up instead of burying their heads in the sand. Their identity is often very much connected with their work and they don’t know who they are outside of that.

Anything that lets pitta go inside and do some shadow work will be beneficial in the long run. Good examples are journalling, a gentle yoga practice, walking meditation, gratitude practice or an online meditation challenge.


Pittas have this intense drive and focus on goals and they know how to get things done. But to feel balanced they also need playfulness and humor. So Pittas, consider this permission to start a Corona meme collection or watch cat videos on the world wide web. Also play for the sake of playing (and not to get good at something), whether it’s a game of football with your kid or trying saltos on the trampoline.


And lastly, Pittas need to allow themselves to rest, take naps, and – gasp! – do nothing once in a while, staring into space.

Kapha dosha in quarantine

Everyone wants to be in quarantine with a Kapha. Loving, sweet Kapha who takes care of others first was born for this situation. They know what needs to be done, how to console others and helping others cope. It’s no wonder a lot of nurses and doctors have a lot of Kapha energy in them.

Kaphas are tirelessly on the barricades for others. Their endurance is stunning. They just keep going, to the detriment of their own wellbeing. 

And if for some reason they can’t channel this energy into their loved ones Kaphas are very likely stuck on the sofa, bingewatching Netflix and eating too much ice cream or drinking too much wine. 

Quarantine coping strategies for Kapha


Sharing food makes Kaphas happy. Spending time in the kitchen cooking up new recipes for the family is soothing for Kapha. What’s more, keeping everyones’ bellies satisfied will maintain peace in the house and Kapha wants nothing more. 

clear out stuff

Kaphas can be quite the hoarders, holding onto material things for a long time so a great balancing activity would be to have a big clearout. Whether it’s the wardrobe, garage, pantry or simply the sock drawer, tackling these will give Kapha the chance to also bring order to their thoughts.

me time

Kaphas need to take care of themselves. Spend time alone. Do things just for themselves so that they can recover. Whether it’s a bath, a walk alone, or letting hubs babysit the kids while taking an online zumba class in the bedroom… For Kaphas it’s important to remember you can’t give from an empty cup. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.


And finally for Kaphas that are feeling hopeless, lethargic and are just waiting it out in front of the TV… Put away that bag of crisps. Get moving. Find that sock drawer, clean the house, dance around the kitchen or do anything to get rid of that stagnant energy that hits Kapha so easily!

What other coping strategies do you have for the doshas in quarantine? Post any useful tips you have in the comments!

The doshas and social distancing - empty cobble street
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