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The doshas on vacation

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What is your dosha on vacation? The doshas are confusing to many people. (If you have no idea what I am talking about, go to this page and download my dosha guide!)
It is only by observing that the doshas start to make sense and show in other people. Sometimes it is easier to recognise the doshas in others than to recognise them in yourself. Anyway, since we are in the middle of summer I thought I’d make for some light reading… and talk about the doshas on vacation :)

doshas on vacation

Vata on holiday

Vata has no plan whatsoever! They can decide last minute that they want a holiday and leave the next day. Of course, going without a plan means that they may miss out on activities that need to be booked in advance (like the Inca Trail). They might also end up paying more for their tickets. But then Vatas don’t really care about that.
Vatas on holiday are fun and spontaneous and always up for adventure! They’ll discover that fantastic little restaurant just wandering around – but it’s just as likely that they forget that they need to eat and end up in an awful fastfood chain because nothing else is available. Vatas are sociable and quick to meet new people and because of this often find the best ‘local’ places.

Tips for Vata on holiday

Keep your sleeping and eating times regular. Always carry a snack and water! If you have a yoga or meditation practice at home, find a studio in your holiday destination to continue practicing. Build in enough rest on your holiday.

Pitta on vacation

Pitta’s vacation is scheduled and booked a year in advance. After thorough internet research and recommendations from friends and family of course. Pittas have figured out all the best places to see and eat. They schedule as many activities as humanly possible in one day as they hate to miss out. Pitta will need a holiday after their holiday!
Pittas know exactly where and when they’ll be at any part of the trip. Unless things go wrong… which really sets off Pitta’s anger. The inability to stick to the pre-made schedule can really frustrate Pitta and boy you do not want to be the person standing in the way of a Pitta!

Tips for Pitta on holiday

Leave some room for spontaneity and rest. Be considerate of your travel companion(s) who may not have the same energy as you.
Things are bound to go wrong on holiday. Let it go.

Kapha on vacation

Kaphas don’t really like changes to their routine. It is very likely that Kapha will have a staycation or a holiday close to home. If they do go abroad they like to book an all-in vacation. A sun lounger at the beach or pool and a book or tablet and Kapha is happy!
As Kaphas love eating they prefer a hotel that serves a big buffet which offers mostly the same foods as at home. Or maybe they book the same holiday house for 20 years in a row. Once Kaphas found a place they like they’ll keep coming back.

Tips for Kapha on holiday

Bring some action into your holiday! Visit new places, book that snorkelling trip and try new foods. You might even discover your new favourite dish! But don’t overdo it at the buffet as Kaphas gain weight easily.

Travel increases Vata

Did you know that travelling increases Vata? Especially air travel and crossing multiple timezones can really aggravate your Vata dosha. It can cause indigestion from eating strange foods at irregular times. Travelling can also heighten anxiety and increase insomnia.
If you feel any of that is happening follow the Vata balancing travel tips above!

Do you recognise yourself in one of these types? Let me know what your doshas on vacation are in a comment below!

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