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7 ayurvedic self care practices for autumn

I don’t know where the year went, but we are getting close to the shortest day of the year. It is getting chilly and the flu is going around. What can you do now to support your immune system and better take care of yourself and your health? These easy to implement ayurvedic self care practices will guide you!

1. Hydrate

When the weather is getting colder we forget to drink (guilty!). One trick that will help you drink more is to fill a thermos with hot water and finish it daily (fill 2-3 times if it is a small .6l one like mine). You can add tea or slices of lemon or orange. Another trick that helps me hydrate is to add a dash of fruit juice to my glass of water.  

2. Declutter

It is the end of autumn and Pitta energy is high. Use this energy to clear your house or office before winter truly sets in. Clear out your wardrobe, do your paperwork or finally tackle that garage, give your unwanted items to charity and notice how good that feels!

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3. Dry brush

To get your blood and lymph flowing in the morning, start your bathroom routine with a dry brush session. You can do this in just 2 minutes, but it’s (almost) as good as coffee!

4. Moisturise your skin

Your skin is getting drier from exposure to the cold and central heating, so protect it daily by rubbing yourself with oil before your shower (or after, if your skin is extremely dry). Good oils for late autumn when Pitta energy is high are sesame oil or coconut oil. At the very least rub your hands and feet, nostrils and ears with oil daily.

5. Eat grubby food and use your spices

We naturally tend to favour more stews and curries when the weather is getting cold and with good reason. Comforting, soothing foods will help you get ready for winter mode and the extra liquid in these meals will help you hydrate. Use spices to make your grub more easily digestible!

6. Prioritise sleep

While our energy during the day is high it is now important to start winding down when the sun goes down. Whether it is 6 or 9 hours, make sure you get the sleep you need!

7. Move your body

Make this the time when you set yourself a daily goal. Whether you go from walking 500 to 5000 steps daily or are training for a 10k run, up your activity level now. Soon Kapha energy will start to reign which will make it so much more difficult to start something new later in the winter. Exercise preferably outside during the daylight hours to avoid early onset of SAD (seasonal affective disorder aka winter depression).

Tell me: which one of these self care practices will you implement now? Do you have any other autumn self care routines?

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