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7 Tips for an Easily Digestible Ayurvedic Christmas

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ayurveda christmas

Christmas is around the corner and I wanted to write you a quick post about how you can celebrate Christmas the ayurvedic way. No need to celebrate Christmas eating kitchari! Just some easy to implement tips that may help your digestion and wellbeing during this festive period!

1 Start with ginger tea

In this season where we all gather at family parties and work dos we are much more susceptible to colds. So first thing in the morning have a cup of strong fresh ginger tea. If you let the ginger boil in water a couple of minutes instead of just letting it steep it will be much stronger in taste.

Ginger tea will boost your immune system and digestion. And just before you are going to have a big family meal, have another cup! (I have been know to travel with ginger in my bag and often take a small thermos with tea with me).

2 Pile on the veggies

Vegetables are more easily digestible than grains, meat or fish. They also combine better with most foods. So pile on the veggies on your plate: fill half your plate with vegetables and the other half with other things on the menu.

3 Leave food on your plate

I personally find this very, very difficult. Even though I have two dogs who are more than happy to eat whatever is left of my food, I don’t like wasting any food. But enough is enough. When your first burp comes you’ve had enough and should stop eating.

Overeating creates ama (toxins) in your system. You can see ama in the coating of your tongue in the morning. You can get rid of the coating on your tongue with a copper tongue scraper like this one from Kosha Ayurveda.

4 Be aware of what to eat together and what not

A festive meal is typically a mix of sooooo many different foods, and they are likely incompatible. Make some choices what you will and will not eat. In this post you can read more about good and bad food combinations.

5 Drink lukewarm or hot water

Never drink cold water around or during a meal. Best is to drink lukewarm or even hot water. You can also sip this throughout the day. We need to stay hydrated to keep our digestion and elimination going, and hot water is 1000x better than cold water!

What happens when you put water on fire? The fire dies. It’s the same with your digestion – your ‘digestive fire’ will extinguish when you drink too much around your meal, leading to indigestion and badly digested food (which again leads to ama).

6 Did you overeat at Christmas?

Straight after your meal chew some fennel seeds. Fennel seeds will relieve indigestion. The next morning start with ginger tea and only eat when you are hungry. That may mean you might have to skip a meal (or two). Fasting will light your digestive fire. When you get hungry eat a light meal like soup or some fruits.

7 Eat only when you are happy

If there is tension in your family or any other negative feelings towards each other, don’t eat. Eat only when you are happy, when you are hungry and when you are enjoying your company!

Wishing you a beautiful end of year celebration and hope to see you here again in the new year!

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