Balancing Kapha in springtime

Are you feeling the effects of spring? In Ayurveda, spring is the season for balancing Kapha. All the Kapha energy we accumulated during winter when we were resting and rebuilding our body for a new working season (ahey, extra pounds), is now starting to aggravate and wants to come out. Resulting in colds, stuffy or runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes and seasonal allergies.

You may also be feeling heavy and lethargic, and being haunted by the spring blues (aka ‘SAD’ – Seasonal Affective Disorder). ‘SAD’ is what happens when we don’t see enough daylight and our vitamin D levels are too low. When I used to work in the corporate world (and only saw daylight in my 30 minute walk during lunch break) I suffered from this A LOT. And now of course with Covid-19 we’ve all been cooped up inside for weeks

What to do for balancing Kapha?

If you are feeling low energy, brain fog, and have frequent colds your Kapha is probably out of balance. It’s very normal to be affected like this by the seasons but it doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do!

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Start with gentle exercising

A daily walk, a minute of rope skipping,… Whatever your starting point is, increase your activity level. Aim to break a mild sweat at least once a day.

Go outside every single day

Preferably with your arms (and maybe legs) exposed depending on the temperature.

No sleeping in

… or day sleeps! Winter was the time to rest when we could get away with sleeping in or day sleeps. But springtime is the time to get active again! Set your alarm for the same time every day and go to bed at the same time every day.

Turn on the dry heat

Dry saunas are the best for eliminating excess Kapha! Swedish or infrared are great. Steambaths might work more or less because of the heat, but are less effective because it’s a humid heat (and one of the qualities of Kapha is humid).

Kapha balancing foods

In terms of food it’s best to decrease your intake of sour, salty and sweet foods and increase your intake of heating, light, drying foods and spices. Read on if you might need help with that!

7 Day Ayurvedic Meal Plan for Spring

I’m so happy to finally share this with you! During the quarantine I wrote the 7 Day Ayurvedic Meal plan for Spring ebook. It’s a 47 page ebook with delicious Ayurvedic recipes aimed to balance Kapha. All recipes are light and slightly detoxing, allowing for a gentle transition into spring. And best of all – they all take 30 minutes or less to prepare.

7 day ayurvedic meal plan for spring

Click the picture or this link to learn more about the ebook! For less than the price of a meal out (or a takeaway, in COVID-19 times!) you get a whole week planned out for you, with week menu, meal prep schedule, shopping list and clearly explained instructions.

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