India in 23 pictures

India in 23 pictures

India in 23 pictures

It took me a while to choose my favourite pictures out of the hundreds of pictures I took on my last 3 month trip to India. To choose a number of pictures that is acceptable to upload at unacceptable wifi speed… Quite a challenge. And why 23? Because I love prime numbers of course. Haha. Anyway here goes. My fave pictures.

Talpona card games
A sleepy fishing village and men playing cards. Nothing else to do.

indian cooking course
I took an Indian cooking course… And I didn’t lose the recipe!

buffalo territory
Buffalo territory. Bird and buffalo are best friends but this one seems a bit lost…

The view from my room for 2 months. Sometimes the cat wasn’t there.

The sweetest woman you will ever meet.

flower mandala
Life is more beautiful with a mandala outside your door.

mama and baby cow
More cows, of course.

Overnight train ride in India
These long, long, long train rides.

Bread salesman on bridge
Selling bread on a bicycle. If anyone needs a good business idea, be outside on the street at 6pm when he comes ringing his bell and see what happens.

sunset at talpona beach
At night the women also come out on the beach.

Dosa masala
Gimme masala dosa for breakfast anytime!

cows on the beach
Unfortunately, this is also India: a dirty beach and cows eating plastic.

blow horn
Nothing beats being overtaken by a gigantic painted Tata truck that blows his horn when passing you on the motorbike. Heart attack #281.

Indian altar Siva
Shiva altar.

Masala chai in Palolem, Goa
Beautiful people in the best chai shop ever!

Portuguese church in India
Coming from Goa and going to Portugal is like you haven’t moved continents. You can find ancient Portuguese churches everywhere in Goa.

indian hospital
These are the modern times.

India market
It’s difficult not to get greedy at a farmer’s market. Yum, veggies!

300hrs certificate
More certificates! I have walls to fill! ;-) Proud to have completed advanced yoga teacher training and ayurveda panchakarma diploma.

Again a dirty beach. BUT! An uncrowded left point break aaaaah. Best view ever ;-)

giant hanuman
Hanuman the great, the strong, the loyal, the monkey god. Only 10m high on a driving truck. Tata!

savasana on emtpy beach
Savasana on an empty beach. Paradise.

1080x1080 dosha quiz dosha test

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