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11 signs of aggravated Pitta

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At the height of summer you might notice some signs of aggravated Pitta rising. Those with high Pitta constitutions are more likely to show these symptoms, but don’t forget also Kapha and Vata types can get vitiated Pitta!

Pitta is the energy of fire and water. Its main seat is in the centre of the body around the navel (manipura and solar plexus chakra). Its primary sites are in the small intestine and lower stomach (whereas upper stomach is Kapha territory and large intestines are Vata).

The Pitta transformational forces fire up stagnant Kapha and give direction to erratic Vata. When Pitta gets out of balance and starts to overheat and overflow, you might recognise some of these signs of aggravated Pitta!

Signs of aggravated Pitta in the body

1 Inflammation

Any kind of inflammation is an indication of excess Pitta fire in the body. Skin rashes, heat rash, acne and boils are typical examples of aggravated Pitta showing in the skin.

2 Burning

Burning sensations like sunburn and heartburn, while each feeling differently, are signs of aggravated Pitta. Too much sun or spicy and oily food can contribute to Pitta aggravation.

3 Sweating and bad smells

Those with Pitta imbalance can have a tendency to sweat a lot and have sticky hands and feet, often accompanied with an unpleasant sulphury body odour. Bad breath is also a signal of vitiated Pitta (either because of inflammation in the gums – floss, my friends!) or in the digestive tract.

4 Yellow fecal matter

What we excrete is an excellent indicator to see what is going on in the body. Unpleasant as it is to see what you produced in the toilet bowl… it can give you some clear answers to your question as to where your imbalances lie. A yellow coloured and soft number 2 indicates too much Pitta in the body.

5 Lack of strength and hypoglycemia

Pittas have the worst ‘hangers’. Despite their ceaseless eating they may be hungry, thirsty and feeling hypoglycemic. When the fire in the body burns too high, a lot of nutrients also get ‘burnt’. The body can’t use them anymore for nourishment, causing weakness and lack of strength.

Too much Pitta in mind and personality

6 Me, me, me

Pittas are high achievers. They can truly be proud of what they accomplish as they are single-mindedly driven to reach their goals. But too much Pitta leads to inflated ego, showing off, arrogance and drawing attention to themselves… And alienating the people they love or work with in the process.

7 Perfectionism and fanaticism

Discernment is a gift of high Pitta persons, seeing right from wrong and cutting through all BS. But their high principles can lead to controlling and fanatic behaviour when Pitta is left unchecked. Perfectionism – a disease of our times – finds its root in unbalanced Pitta

8 “No”

There is no bigger fight on this earth than two Pittas butting heads (unless, maybe, a Pitta with a Kapha that’s been tormented for too long). Pitta does not like to hear “no” when they want something! They are prepared to keep banging on the same nail over and over and over. When Pitta is out of balance, competitiveness rages. They can be sore losers, even with something so trivial as a board game. Letting go is very hard but it’s a necessary lesson for people with high Pitta fire to learn.

9 Over-everything

Excesses of any kind is a typical Pitta imbalance: indulging in too much food or alcohol, being a workaholic and shopaholic. (These often go together as their purpose of life has become blurred and working or shopping makes them feel needed and alive). Over-exercising is another very common Pitta-out-of-balance behaviour, as is over-cleaning and tidying, to the point of being obsessive.

10 Materialism

When balanced Pittas like their stuff, they love high quality and beautiful things. But when Pitta is unchecked it leads to materialism, keeping-up-with-the-joneses behaviour, and they are prone to tacky taste and show-offishness. Too much bling and no real value(s)…

11 Criticism and judgment

And lastly, when Pitta is out of balance, what should really happen is that they turn their famous honesty onto themselves… But instead what happens often it is turned on others in resentment, jealousy, impatience, being highly critical and judgmental. It’s no fun to be around someone with unbalanced Pitta, in other words…

So, my friend. Do you recognise any of these signs of aggravated Pitta? Do tell me in the comments! (you’ll get no judgment from me!)

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