2015: my year in 12 pictures

My year in 12 pictures

I’ve had the most incredible year… Looking back, I set myself a challenge to select 12 pictures out of the 3000 I have taken. Just one for every month… Here goes 2015!

Twelve apostles - Great Ocean Road - Australia
Australia: a road trip along Great Ocean Road from Melbourne to Adelaide, visiting the iconic Twelve Apostles rocks.

Uluru - Ayer's rock
Speaking of iconic rocks: here’s another one. Grateful to have visited it at sunrise, sunset AND full moon. Incredible.

Bali luxury
Celebrating my (almost) birthday and goodbye to my travel companions of the last 3 months in THE most luxurious hotel in Bali. My budget would only stretch as far as one night. Maybe someday……

Bali temple
Exploring Bali on a motorbike. As my first experience (ever) on a motorbike was in Palermo, Italy, I have no fear…

Surfing in Lombok
Getting up at 4am to be in the water for sunrise every day. And sometimes an afternoon session too… Surfing in Lombok is the best!

cruise to Komodo and Flores
After yet another surfing injury, I embarked on a 4 day cruise to Komodo and Flores. Make no mistake. This was on a boat that looked like sinking, and no freshwater on board for showering. But the views…

Belgian Ardennes
Back home, enjoying the (surprisingly good) summer. Revisiting childhood memories in the Belgian Ardennes.

summer in Belgium
We don’t have to go to Australia or Bali to have fun… Really! On a tour in the Belgian countryside.

Ibiza sunset
Watching the sunset in Ibiza. Maybe my favourite island… After Lombok ;-)

Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh
On yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. So grateful for this experience… I made friends for life and it transformed my thinking.

Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal. Finally!!

Galjibag Beach, Goa
Letting it all sink in on a beach in Goa.

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