High sensitivity as a superpower

I figured out pretty early on as a child that what I saw and felt was different from what most others perceived. Things were more intense, more colourful, and abstract concepts and emotions felt more tangible. I am what is called a highly sensitive person (HSP). It’s nothing to be […]

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12 hours in Milan

I had the most brilliant idea. To spend a day in Milan, in January, and not bring a winter coat. The weather forecast said it wouldn’t be that cold, and I figured after spending time in the Himalayas and Belgium, I got quite used to the cold again. WRONG. And […]

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13 signs you have been to India

No other country speaks to the imagination like India. You always hear people say:” You love it or you hate it.” Most of the time, you do both at the same time. Travelling in India can be daunting, and it is certainly always an adventure. The lessons Mother India teaches […]

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Australia: how to save money on your trip

I know. Some of you must be confused: I am not currently in the Southern Hemisphere. Then why this topic? This is a post that I’ve been meaning to write a long time. And knowing a few people that are headed down under, I thought I’d write up some tips… […]

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