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Ayurveda and smoothies

Ayurveda sees smoothies as a little bit problematic. I realise I may not be making myself popular with this statement! Isn’t the green smoothie the healthiest food you can have? 🤨I’ll explain why the concept of a smoothie is a bad idea. Don’t worry! You can still have your smoothie buuuut I’ll give you some […]

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Presenting the new ForeverSunday!

Presenting the new ForeverSunday(2)

Spring is in the air. It is Sunday. What better time to finally reveal where I’m going with ForeverSunday? I have been studying a lot the last couple of years: yoga, ayurveda, massage, nutrition,… I took many courses and read many many books and blog posts. Practiced on (un)fortunate family members and friends, listened to […]

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High sensitivity as a superpower

I figured out pretty early on as a child that what I saw and felt was different from what most others perceived. Things were more intense, more colourful, and abstract concepts and emotions felt more tangible. I am what is called a highly sensitive person (HSP). It’s nothing to be worried about, I am ok…. […]

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12 hours in Milan

I had the most brilliant idea. To spend a day in Milan, in January, and not bring a winter coat. The weather forecast said it wouldn’t be that cold, and I figured after spending time in the Himalayas and Belgium, I got quite used to the cold again. WRONG. And it snowed. So what more […]

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13 signs you have been to India

No other country speaks to the imagination like India. You always hear people say:” You love it or you hate it.” Most of the time, you do both at the same time. Travelling in India can be daunting, and it is certainly always an adventure. The lessons Mother India teaches you are multiple and often […]

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Australia: how to save money on your trip

I know. Some of you must be confused: I am not currently in the Southern Hemisphere. Then why this topic? This is a post that I’ve been meaning to write a long time. And knowing a few people that are headed down under, I thought I’d write up some tips… Australia can be very expensive […]

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Travel insurance: things you didn’t know

Travel insurance Many of us go on a few trips a year. One longer vacation and maybe a few weekends away. Nothing outrageous really, but as soon as you are in this situation it is worth it getting an annual travel insurance. Choosing the travel insurance or cancellation insurance offered by your airline or tour […]

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Bringing a travel guide on your trip: yes or no?

Some guidebooks weigh at least a kilogram. Like this one on India. I bought it at the airport on my first trip there. You probably know or own some other dinosaurs like “Central America” or “Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia”. The question is: do you really need to bring a travel guide on your holiday? Many […]

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