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Feel happier and healthier instantly with these 8 tips

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Feel happier and healthier instantly with these 8 tips

No time for making big changes in your life but feel you have to do something? Feel that you’re just holding on to too many things? Try some of these quick and easy tips to feel happier and healthier in the life you are already living.

drink turmeric tea

Drink turmeric tea first thing in the morning. Turmeric is detoxing, it’s a powerful antioxidant and anti inflammatory. Good for so many things! Mix it with black pepper to increase absorption. Add ginger, lemon and/or cinnamon for taste. Do this every morning and feel the difference. Here is a recipe.

New year’s resolutions

  DON’T make new year’s resolutions. Start now! So many resolutions, so little results. Commit to small changes only and you will want to do more. Aim for big and you will feel like a failure if you can’t keep up. And that’s not going to make you happier in the long term.  

Sun salutation

  Do one sun salutation a day (you knew there would be at least one point about yoga in here right?) Yoga is proven to lift your mood, improve circulation and it builds your body. Commit to just one set a day! It will take you less than a minute and you’ll feel good about yourself for doing it every day. On days you want to do more, you can do more.  


  If you are looking at a screen a lot, try palming for instant relaxation. Rub your hands together until they feel warm, then cover your eyes with your hands. Don’t apply pressure, let the warmth sink into your eyes. Your body will relax and so will your nervous system. Repeat as often as you want.  

Be grateful

Every morning when you wake up, remind yourself what a miracle this life is, what a miracle it is that you woke up again this morning, and be grateful for at least one thing in your life. Don’t check your phone. Actually, don’t keep your phone in your bedroom full stop! Do the same before bed and watch your mood improve.  


Breathe. It’s so easy. We do it without thinking. At least once today (why not now?), close your eyes and calmly, consciously breathe in and out for 8 breaths.  Set your alarm to do it if you are always too busy to think about it.  

Random act of kindness

Pay it forward. Do one random act of kindness today. Nothing crazy. Just do something unexpected for someone else.  


This one is a bit harder and involves some muscles. Lift the edge of your lips, pull your cheeks back and show your teeth. Yes, SMILE! Whenever you feel irritated or angry, smile. It tricks your brain into thinking nothing’s wrong and your mood will improve instantly and the way people respond to you will also change.     Sooo. Which one(s) will you try today? :-)  

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