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Fragrant Kapha Balancing pumpkin soup

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I love soup. There’s often a fresh pot of soup sitting on the stove and I could eat it twice a day (and I often do)! Especially in winter, it’s so nourishing and soothing.

In winter the Kapha energy is getting stronger. Excess Kapha will become aggravated come early spring, so better avoid the build-up now! Aggravated Kapha will typically manifest in symptoms like lethargy, low energy, colds and mucus.

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Now recently in my garden, this happened:

So you might see some pumpkin recipes passing by here on the blog! I’ll start with this fragrant kapha balancing pumpkin soup.

Pumpkins or squashes are sweet and astringent, and for Kapha food can’t be spiced enough! I like to add ginger and a bit of asafoetida to ease digestion, but not too much as it can make your food taste very bitter.

This Kapha recipe is ideal for late winter or early spring. If you eat it as a meal in itself it is an especially Kapha balancing recipe for dinner.

Balance Kapha even more:

  • Add some chili powder or piri-piri to the spices (no, not you Pitta!)
  • Eat just this soup for a light yet filling dinner
  • Read in this blog post even more tips on how to balance Kapha in winter
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