Hello, old friend

Hello, old friend.
It’s been a while since we last met. I’m sorry for not keeping in touch. We’ve gone separate ways. Different priorities, you know. It’s terrible, after all we’ve been through together. We’ve travelled land and sea, mountains and desert. Together we survived crazy chicken bus rides. Withstood midges, bed bugs and other unwelcome guests. Went through rain, snow and scorching sun. We were both battered and torn in the process. But I never let you out of my sight.
I’ve been postponing it, thinking we could still be together one more trip – and we always managed it. But now I think it is time we say goodbye.

The search for a new backpack has begun.
There really should be an app for this… with a decision tree, based on your answers to questions concerning your needs, eventually guiding you to the perfect backpack. It could look like this:

choose backpack

I wish……

Flowchart made with Lucid Chart.

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