Teaching at a weekend yoga retreat

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weekend yoga retreat
A few years ago I went on a yoga retreat. I was overworked, stressed and practising yoga – the one thing that would keep me sane in these circumstances – only irregularly. Summer holiday was around the corner and I didn’t have any plans yet, so I decided to book a week yoga retreat in Italy. Being surrounded by beautiful nature, amazing healthy food, 4 hours yoga of a day and enough free time to go mountain biking, swimming in the pool and reading. Sounded like a dream. And it was… I remember even then thinking how great it would be if organising this would be my job. But besides kickstarting my yoga practice again, nothing really happened then. It was just a seed that was planted, and it needed time to grow.

Years later. I just finished two yoga teacher courses in India and I was invited by Josefien, a friend of one of my courses, to come teach with her at a weekend retreat in The Netherlands. Would I mind teaching two classes at the retreat and joining the guests for the rest of the weekend? Ummm. Tough question. Haha!

I arrived at the retreat the night before and settled into the cutest cottage just outside the village. Josefien and I were catching up, going over the programme for the weekend and reminiscing about our time in India. It is strange how life works sometimes :)
Yoga retreat dining area
The next day the other guests came. We were teaching yoga, pranayama (breathing exercises) and massage techniques, going for a silent meditation walk in the forest, had beautiful food and amazing conversations. There even was coffee…
How wonderful to be a part of something that is so positive, sharing knowledge, and practising together.

Anyone interested in yoga retreats by Josefien at De Pelmolen, The Netherlands, can find more info on the Heel Je Lichaam website. Highly recommended :)

De Pelmolen

Quiet corner

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