Winter time in Antwerp


In 2015 I’ll have 9 months of summer: 6 months while travelling through the southern hemisphere (and near-equator areas). And then July, August and September in Belgium (I am an optimist by nature).
So for once I have been waiting impatiently for the cold and snow, the shorter days and Christmas lights.
I won’t be putting up a Christmas tree this year, so I am looking forward to compensating in other ways…

On my to-do list before I leave:
– Visit the Christmas market in Antwerp/Brussels/Leuven/… and have gluhwein/jenever/hot chocolate (delete as appropriate)
– Ice skate on the ice rink near the river Schelde
– Visit the China Light festival at the Antwerp Zoo.
– Have a snowball fight (need a little help from above, please)
– Snuggle up for a film at Cartoon’s on a dreary afternoon
– Have a great pre-New Year’s Eve party at the beautiful De Roma with Discobaar A Moeder
– Watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks from the rooftop of the MAS museum

If you’re up for any of the above, get in touch before 4 January! ;-)

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