The latest yoga gadgets

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latest yoga gadgets

One of my favourite guilty pleasures is browsing through Kickstarter. Ok I know, I’m weird. I just really love looking at what inventions and exciting projects people come up with… and often find inspiring start-ups and people on there.

For those who don’t know, Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform. It’s a new way of funding projects and start-ups. Literally anyone can co-finance a project for as little as a couple of euros up to thousands of euros. The reward as a backer is that you can get a prototype of a new product or the product at a much cheaper price than the market price later.

Up until now I funded one project: a new start-up that made yoga mats out of recycled wetsuits (and I really loooove those mats).

The Yoga Wheel by now is a very well known yoga tool (thanks, Instagram). Even though I don’t believe you need any gadgets to practice yoga, I was curious what other yoga gadgets would be underway… So read on and indulge… (and maybe even back a project that you like ;-)

(I am in no way affiliated with any of these companies or with Kickstarter).

Grippz accupressure yoga mat

A yoga mat that provides extra grip and that gives your hands and feet a reflexology treatment while you practice.

Grippz acupressure yoga mat

Yoga by numbers yogamat

Maybe as a child you did painting by numbers. Now you can do yoga.

Yoga by numbers

SuperGreen Hemp yoga mat

A non-slip natural fiber mat for those who don’t like the toxic BPA mats.

SuperGreen hemp yoga mat

MYB Yogaboard

Want the practice of SUP yoga but without the water? Here’s your yoga board.

MYB yoga board

YoYo self-rolling yoga mats

The self rolling yoga mat (because rolling a yoga mat after your practice is just too much).

YoYo self rolling yoga mat

Yoga Train sequencing cards

A card deck with 33 asanas colour coded by standing, seated and supine postures, backbends and hip openers for when you are stuck in a rut teaching or in your home practice.

Yoga train yoga sequencing cards

Infinity yoga mats

An 8 shape yoga mat (that basically looks like a giant panty liner) but I am sure the natural rubber bottom and anti slip top make it a dream to practice on.

Infinity 8 shape yoga mat

Mini MatSnaps

When normal clothes pegs won’t do to keep your yoga towel in place.

Mini MatSnaps yoga gadgets

Now wasn’t this fun? ;-)

What are your favourite yoga gadgets?

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