Presenting the new ForeverSunday(2)

Presenting the new ForeverSunday!

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Spring is in the air. It is Sunday. What better time to finally reveal where I’m going with ForeverSunday?

I have been studying a lot the last couple of years: yoga, ayurveda, massage, nutrition,… I took many courses and read many many books and blog posts. Practiced on (un)fortunate family members and friends, listened to hours of podcasts and watched YouTube videos… I devoured literally everything that I could find because I really wanted to work with people and their challenges.

A new logo

The next step was to set up a business. I already had the name… ForeverSunday. I asked a friend to design a logo. Having reviewed literally hundreds of concepts before in my job(s) it was quite different when I had to have something created for me. What do I stand for? My business? What do I want to offer? And what is my personal style? Tough questions. (I am excellent at creating vague briefings;-) )

But in the end I am very happy with the result, so I am proud to present here without further ado: the new ForeverSunday logo! :-)

Please let me know what you think! ForeverSunday logo

(Logo by Gridfittype)


A new website


Then, my website. (Arrgh). I had a site that was attracting some traffic (nothing big by any standards but not starting from scratch at least) but the design and the look and the focus weren’t what I wanted anymore. And more importantly, the functionality was very limited. So I had to take the time to redesign my website. It took me a lot of blood, sweat and prana… (and more YouTube videos and tutorials). But the result you can see here. Do click through, it’s not finished yet, but I’ll keep adding and improving as I go along (detailed offering and about me page coming soon ;-) )

From now when asked about my profession, I answer: I am a yoga teacher, massage therapist, ayurveda practitioner, /entrepreneur.

I help other people heal and improve their quality of life in any way I can. I do all this in a sustainable way, working with organic and fairtrade products as much as I can, (there will be a ForeverSunday shop at some point…) and I will be donating a portion of my profit (if I make any) to charity.

Don’t be a part of the problem, be a part of the solution.

If you need yoga, ayurveda or something else that I can offer or you just want to wish me luck, get in touch or comment. And please share! :-)
Ps – save the date! 23-25 June 2017 I’m organising another yoga weekend retreat in Belgium. Watch this space!

Ps2 – if you see anything that’s not right on this website, let me know… ;-)


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