5 (not so) crazy things to pack travelling

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Suitcase: 5 crazy things to pack while travelling
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5 (not so) crazy things I always pack while travelling

As a long term traveller I don’t take that many clothes. My backpack should be under 15kilos (including weight of the backpack) so that it can be checked in by any airline. As I need to do laundry anyway, I only take what’s needed for a week’s worth of whatever weather I am going to. So quite the minimalist packer. (Though 1 pic exists where Turkish Airlines – the crappiest airline ever – lost my luggage for 3 weeks and then after I’d bought everything again, sent me the luggage – thus being stuck with 2 loads of luggage. I went by the name “Wild” for a while. (My friends like giving me nicknames related to films & books). But please don’t get me started on Turkish Airlines.)

So minimal packing, but there are a few exceptions. Even though they take up space and weight, some things I will never leave behind for the comfort they bring me being away from home for a long time:

1. My travel kettle

This isn’t so bad to pack (stuff it with socks and T-shirts) and it doesn’t weigh that much. To make that cup of tea in the morning/evening/whenever you feel like it, with trusted water, and not being overcharged for it. Totally worth it. Also in the case of Bali belly/Delhi belly (pick your destination) good to make some oats or (if nothing else is available) – instant noodles. Of course, you also need a cup and a spoon ;)

2. A plug block with (short) extension cord

You wouldn’t want to know in how many hotel rooms there is only 1 plug. Preferably 1,5 meter above the floor without anything like a cabinet or table underneath it, leaving your phone/laptop/… dangling. Also, it will make you very popular in dorm rooms with only one plug, and if your phone and tablet have given up at the same time, this is your saviour.

3. My electric toothbrush

Seriously, with a plug block, there is no more reason to leave it behind. Clean teeth!

4. My LifeStraw(R) bottle

I was introduced to Lifestraw(R) by a fellow yoga teacher student (thanks Monicaaaaa!), bought one and never looked back. A pain to carry sometimes, but in a country like India you can get water from any tap without risking Delhi belly. It also reduces the need for buying plastic bottles (that may be tampered with anyway). Winner!

5. Ziplock bags

Some plastics are useful however… I am talking ziplock bags. Not just for your liquids in hand luggage, but also to put away your jewellery (smallest size means you can store everything separately so it doesn’t get tangled up). Of course you limit yourself to 5 items or so….. Larger sizes are good for leaking shampoo/sunscreen/… bottles, storing leftover foods, protecting your valuables if you happen to get into a boat/torrential rain/… Just take 5 and you will find you will use them all.

What’s the craziest thing you always take?

Things to pack list: travel kettle
My cute travel kettle.
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