Life’s little luxuries: things I will miss the most


There is no competition for family and friends. Of course they are number one of things I’ll miss while travelling!
By travelling you get rid of your baggage, your posessions drilled down to what’s in your backpack. You leave behind the things that you don’t REALLY need, but that definitely make your life more comfortable on a daily basis. This is my list of the little luxuries I will miss the most…

Things I will miss the most

1. hair straighteners (kidding, of course)

1. my pillow. I’ve searched so long and hard to find the perfect one…
2. electric toothbrush – there’s practically nothing that’s not better with clean teeth.
3. high heels – though I might cave in along the way and buy some…
4. a choice of things to wear (see remark that goes with #3)
5. good coffee. I’ve been told that I will only happen upon good coffee once in a while. Oh dear.

This is my travel companion Dagmar’s list (also speaking from previous travel experiences…)

1. mashed potatoes
2. chips (frietjes) with andalouse sauce
3. a choice of things to wear

And the one who’s already living the good life, our third travel companion Leen, is missing:
1. curryworst special (sorry, doesn’t translate)
2. clean bathroom
3. clean feet (I think there is an expanation for it)
4. own bed!
5. typical Belgian food
6. black jeans

So when we get back, a good sleep in our own beds, some private bathroom time, a wee shopping trip and a potato-laden dinner will be on the cards. Definitely. And coffee. Yes.

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