Create Your Own Ayurvedic Morning Routine


The purpose of creating a perfect Ayurvedic morning routine is NOT to add more to your to-do list. We all have enough to do as it is, so your morning routine should be about the things you want to get done before anything else.

Ayurveda realises the importance of self care and that’s why there is an Ayurvedic wake-up ritual that prioritises taking care of your body. Healthy body, healthy mind.

In the Creating Your Own Ayurvedic Morning Routine workshop we'll go through all the different elements that can make up your morning routine, and answer questions like:

  • Do you need to become a morning person?
  • What's the best morning routine for your dosha (Ayurvedic mind-body type)?
  • How do you create your ideal morning ritual?
  • How do you stay consistent with your morning routine?
  • What you have to STOP doing in the morning 


Anytime! When you sign up you get access to the replay of the live workshop I held on January 17th 2021. The workshop takes 90 minutes (1 hour theory + 30 minutes workshop).


  • Access to the replay of the live workshop. Watch whenever you want.
  • A pdf workbook to create your own Ayurvedic morning routine with pre-workshop journalling questions, a checklist of all the Ayurvedic morning routine elements and tips on how to make your morning routine stick. 


The investment is US$47 (about EUR39).

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