Kapha Dosha


Spring is coming! 

And that means Kapha season is arriving... 

Awesome news for Vatas of course, but if you're a Kapha or you have a Kapha imbalance, you might want to transition into a Kapha balancing regimen.

If that's you, join me next week in my live Kapha dosha masterclass! I'll be talking in detail about:

  • how to recognise a Kapha (plus celebrity examples!)
  • what the Kapha body looks like, how the Kapha mind works and Kapha digestion
  • what a Kapha person can feel when she's is out of balance
  • how NOT to eat as a Kapha
  • how to balance Kapha dosha with food, spices and lifestyle


Tuesday, March 16, 2021 at 7pm GMT (2pm EST). You'll get access to the replay if you can't be there live. The class will take about 60 minutes.


  • Live masterclass on March 16
  • Q&A after the masterclass
  • Lifetime access to the replay
  • A pdf cheat sheet with Kapha balancing foods for spring


Your investment is 24 EUR (about US$29). Get it now! I'll make the masterclass available after the live session, but the price will go up to 39 EUR or US$47!

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