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The doshas at work

doshas at work

August is coming to an end. Time to go back to work! (Well I have been working all summer as it’s high season here but maybe it’s different for you). Following my post about the doshas on holiday, here is some insight on the doshas at work… and how the doshas act in a professional […]

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The doshas on vacation

ayurveda on holiday

What is your dosha on vacation? The doshas are confusing to many people. (If you have no idea what I am talking about, go to this page and download my dosha guide!) It is only by observing that the doshas start to make sense and show in other people. Sometimes it is easier to recognise […]

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The best ayurveda resources

Today I want to share with you THE BEST ayurveda resources (I know of). The books that I keep referring to. The websites I keep going back to again and again. The podcasts I am listening to. I am going to mix the established names and the ‘new kids on the block’. I am a […]

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Ayurvedic dictionary for beginners

Ayurvedic dictionary If you are completely new to Ayurveda all the different Sanskrit terms can be overwhelming. Trying to distinguish ama from mala and gunas from doshas? Then start here with this ayurvedic dictionary for beginners. Sanskrit is a very rich language. Often Sanskrit words don’t even have a good translation in English. They may […]

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