Online yoga classes


How does the online yoga package work?

Unlimited monthly package can be used towards the online yoga group classes.
After payment for the package you'll receive a code. Each time you book your space for a class, enter the code. You won't need to pay until the end of the period is reached.

Is the class live?

Yes, the classes are live. There will be no recording.

will I get a recording of the class?

No, there will be no recording.

do you use zoom?

No, I'm hosting the class on Google Meet. It's free to use. Make sure you are familiar with the technology before joining. I'm always 10-15 minutes early to the class to help you in case there are any tech hiccups.

Is it the same video link each class?

No, the video link is unique each class. You'll receive the correct link after payment or redeeming with the code.

i still have a question.

If the answer is not in the FAQs, ask me by clicking on the button in the bottom right corner of this page.

Practice, breathe, relax

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Traditional  Tantra Yoga

Traditional Tantra Yoga consists of a fixed series of postures mixed with pranayama (breathing) and meditation exercises. Postures are held long at low muscle load which induces meditation and helps the body gain strength fast. 

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Hatha Yoga

‘Ha-tha’ means ‘sun-moon’, or yang and yin. Hatha classes are balancing for your body and mind. Postures are held long with attention to alignment. This is the yang part. Classes slow down towards the end, allowing for some yin time as well.

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Private classes

Is there something in particular you want to work on? Can’t make it to a group class because of your working hours? I also teach private classes, either in person or online. Contact me for more info.