Yoga teaches you to accept what you can’t change, and change what you can’t accept. It is simply untrue that you can’t do yoga because you are not flexible: over time, it will make you flexible!

Each pose (or asana) has specific benefits for your health, body and mind. A good teacher creates a sequence that is balanced. The effects of a yoga class last for hours after the class. That is why so many people keep coming back…

Happiness and peace of mind can not be found in material things. Think about the moment you were happiest. Did it involve your credit card? And if  it did, how long did this happiness last?

Yoga teaches you to let go of the things that hold you back. In your practice, you are allowed to let go of everything. Your practice reconnects you with YOU.  When you start on the path of yoga anything is possible.

Hatha yoga

I teach classic hatha yoga. ‘Ha-tha’ means ‘sun-moon’, or yang and yin. Hatha classes are balancing for your body and mind. Postures are held with attention to alignment. Classes slow down towards the end, allowing for some yin time as well.

Traditional tantra yoga

Traditional tantra yoga consists of a fixed series of postures mixed with pranayama (breathing) and meditation exercises. Postures are held long at low muscle load which is inducive to meditation and helps the body gain strength fast. 

Private classes

Is there something in particular you want to work on? Can’t make it to a group class because of your working hours? I also teach private classes, either in person or online. Contact me for more info.