Ancient knowledge, modern interpretation

The ancient practictioners of ayurveda had advanced knowledge of anatomy. They developed massage techniques for therapeutic use and relaxation.

Every body is considered unique, with a unique constitution and unique digestion. Ayurvedic food is nourishing, wholesome, and balancing.

The great thing about Ayurveda is that its treatments always yield side benefits, not side effects.  ―  Subra Krishan

These are the treatments I currently offer

Walking massage
The walking massage is a deep tissue massage that realigns the body. The ayurvedic walking massage is performed with the feet. The massage therapist applies controlled pressure on your body in order to deeply relax and realign. This therapeutic massage is done lying on the floor on a mat while you are fully clothed.

Traditional oil massage
Abhyangam or traditional oil massage is a deeply relaxing and comforting full body massage. The pressure used is soft to moderate, with long strokes over the whole body to improve blood and lymph circulation. The oil nourishes your tissues and draws out toxins.It is possible to have a head, neck & shoulder massage instead of a full body massage.*Traditionally this massage is only done by women to women, and by men to men. I follow the tradition and only do this massage on female clients.

Foot reflexology
There are many nerve endings in the feet. Traditional Indian medicine believes that every organ in your body has a corresponding reflex point in the feet. By pressing the reflex points this massage helps remove blockages for optimal health. Foot reflexology can be relaxing or therapeutic.

When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need. – ayurveda proverb


Know your constitution
What is your ayurvedic type? In a half hour consult we find out. Based on your constitution, you can start adapting your meals and routines to find a more balanced life.

Meal planning
Once you know your constitution, I can work with you on a weekly meal plan. Whether you are vegetarian, vegan or have previously tested food intolerances: we tailor your meals just for you.

I can teach both about ayurvedic concepts (what is ayurveda, how does it work, ayurveda recommendations) and how to practically apply ayurveda in your life (meal planning, cooking workshops). Contact me for more info!