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9 signs you need to do yoga TODAY!

9 signs you need to practice yoga today(1)

9 signs you need to do yoga TODAY! Are you trying to find an excuse not to practice yoga? Or never done yoga before and wondering if it’s for you? Check with yourself if you are showing any of these symptoms… Related: How to really practice yoga your breath is shallow Is your breathing irregular? […]

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How to really practice yoga

How to really practice yoga - 9 yoga tips for every yogi

Whether you are a seasoned yogi or just starting out, here are some yoga tips that may help you in your practice. When you are just starting out with yoga, there is a lot to wrap your head around. It’s all happening at the same time! The poses, the vocabulary, the breath. Read more about […]

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How to keep your yoga mat clean

How to clean your yoga mat

If you have a preference for ashtanga, vinyasa or hot yoga classes – dripping sweat onto your yoga mat (believe me, I’m crying AND sweating when I’m planking for 2 minutes)… And you roll up your mat straight after your blissed out savasana… you don’t want to think about what happens on the surface of […]

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Teaching at a weekend yoga retreat

A few years ago I went on a yoga retreat. I was overworked, stressed and practising yoga – the one thing that would keep me sane in these circumstances – only irregularly. Summer holiday was around the corner and I didn’t have any plans yet, so I decided to book a week yoga retreat in […]

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