Ayurvedic mind-body types

Discover the Doshas helps you make sense of the basic concepts of Ayurveda: the doshas or ayurvedic mind-body types. The doshas are everywhere: your body, mind, nature, the seasons,... even your pets! Knowing what the doshas are, how they work and how the doshas influence you, gives you better insight how to make better food and lifestyle choices.

With this mini course, in less than an hour, you'll learn the basics of each dosha. 

Discover the Doshas

In this mini video course you'll learn:

  • how to recognise the doshas with their attributes
  • how Vata, Pitta and Kapha behave like when in balance
  • how to know each dosha when it's out of balance
  • typical health issues for each dosha
  • how the doshas manifest in the body to make up your unique self

For less than the price of a meal out, get access now! 

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What will I learn?

Video 1: the Doshas

What is Ayurveda?
What is a dosha, actually? What factors influence your dosha?

Video 2: Vata

- the bodily functions governed by Vata

- the 8 attributes of Vata and how they translate into physical and mental Vata characteristics.

- Vata in balance and out of balance

- typical Vata health issues

Video 3: Pitta

- the bodily functions Pitta rules

- the attributes of Pitta and physical and mental Pitta characteristics.

- Pitta in balance and out of balance

- typical Pitta diseases

Video 4: Kapha

- the bodily functions ruled by Kapha

- the attributes of Kapha and how they translate into physical and mental Kapha characteristics.

- Kapha in balance and out of balance

- typical Kapha health issues

Video 5: Know your Ayurvedic type

- 7 Ayurvedic mind-body types

- why everyone is unique in Ayurveda

- living consciously according to your constitution