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Hey there! I'm Irina.

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Hey friend!

I'm Irina. This is me on my local beach with my two rescue dogs Gismo and Formiga. I am a Yoga Teacher and Ayurveda Teacher and Coach. I focus on Ayurvedic Nutrition and Lifestyle practices. I'm here to help you learn about Ayurveda and how you can apply and implement this ancient knowledge into your modern life.

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What readers are saying...


Irina, I love this post and your blog! The way that you created the chart was the perfect way to tie all the information together! <3


I really enjoy getting your emails with tips and advice. Thankyou


Gracias por informar de tu experiencia, los que estamos en este camino de autoconocimiento y prácticas Ayurvedicas buscamos testimonios de éstas vivencias. Muy interesante!

Fabiana Mitsik

Irina, ik begin het stilaan te begrijpen ❤️ Dank je!


Olá Irina, thank you for all the tips and info xx I think the more dificult one will be "move your body" :D


Just made this soup! So easy and fast to make and Wow! It is super delicious!! Thank you for the great recipe! Definitely will make it again and again!