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Chocolate: the ayurvedic perspective


Chocolate + ayurveda Easter is coming! And so is my birthday… so I figured it’s time to get the lowdown on chocolate + ayurveda :) Coincidentally I am also going to Belgium… (Oops. Talk about putting the cat with the milk). Ahem. First of all when talking about chocolate I exclude anything with less than […]

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How to balance Kapha in winter

how to balance kapha in winter(1), winter kapha balancing foods

Thank God the days are getting longer again. In Belgium we had the darkest month of December in almost a century: only about 10 hours of sunshine all month *gasp*. Many people are having symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (‘SAD’). If you’ve been feeling down, moody, irritable and without energy, unmotivated, you have been craving […]

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New year’s resolutions

new year's resolutions

2017 was a hell of a year. I got robbed and nearly died in a car accident. I lived in a hostel for almost half a year (which I also really don’t recommend). But I also made my first steps to make ForeverSunday my livelihood (still working on it ;) and I moved to Portugal. […]

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