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The ayurvedic view on drinking coffee

What is the ayurvedic view on drinking coffee? Coffee is kind of controversial in health circles. Some sources say it’s good, some say it’s bad. As always the ayurvedic answer is more nuanced: whether coffee is good for you very much depends on a number of factors. (You didn’t think I would write an anti-coffee […]

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Try these autumn Vata balancing foods now!

autumn vata balancing foods

Autumn. It’s here already! The days are getting shorter and it’s getting colder on this side of that big orb that we live on. In ayurveda autumn is Vata season. Vata is one of the three doshas – or constitutions – that describe the human body. Related: What is ayurveda? The Vata dosha is ruled […]

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What is ayurveda?

What is ayurveda plus free workbook

What is ayurveda? Ayurveda is an ancient lifestyle-based system of health and good living.‘Ayurveda’ is a Sanskrit word that literally means “science of life”. It describes the ideal lifestyle that maximises the chance to be happy and content and grow old healthily. Ayurveda originated in India and has been used for thousands of years (that […]

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Panchakarma: the art of Ayurvedic detoxing

Ayurveda – the science of life Ayurveda is thousands of years old, and still relevant to this day. Today it’s maybe even more relevant than say 50 years ago… The processed foods we eat, the fumes we inhale and the office jobs we have – sitting many hours in meetings, staring at a computer, and […]

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