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Winter to spring season change in ayurveda

winter to spring transition in ayurveda

Winter to spring Jump for joy! Spring is in the air. Here in Portugal we had the first really warm days (spotted the first mosquito too), the fruit trees are blossoming and field flowers and orchids are popping up everywhere. This is when the country is at its prettiest! (No wonder we chose this time […]

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4 ayurvedic herbs you should know about

ayurvedic herbs you should know about

Healing herbs Herbs have been used since thousands of years to improve health and wellbeing. These 4 ayurvedic herbs are widely used for a range of conditions. Ayurveda seeks to deal with the cause of our imbalances, not just suppress the symptoms. It works slow but steady and more and more scientific research is going […]

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Delicious ayurvedic pancakes

ayurvedic pancakes

I love a good pancake breakfast (and lunch, and dinner…). I go through phases where I’ll have them every day for days in a row, and then don’t eat them for two months. This is definitely one of these every day episodes… Here I have an ayurvedic pancake recipe for you with just a few […]

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7 ayurvedic self care practices for autumn

7 ayurvedic self care practices

I don’t know where the year went, but we are getting close to the shortest day of the year. It is getting chilly and the flu is going around. What can you do now to support your immune system and better take care of yourself and your health? These easy to implement ayurvedic self care […]

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