Back to paradise

Driving north on the beautiful Lake Road in Tasmania, we were singing along to some good cheese on the radio. When three pirates in the

Kuala Lumpur shopping spree

Where’s our luggage? We are not backpackers. Backpackers have a backpack. We don’t. Due to delays on the outbound flight and an unwilling airline, our

24 hours before departure

View Full Size Travel Map at Travellerspoint This trip has been on my mind constantly for the past 6 months.It has ever so slowly crept

Out of office

Out of office It’s incredible. Can’t believe I did it. An empty mailbox! The last few months were so busy I never thought I’d manage

Winter time in Antwerp

In 2015 I’ll have 9 months of summer: 6 months while travelling through the southern hemisphere (and near-equator areas). And then July, August and September

Hello, old friend

Hello, old friend. It’s been a while since we last met. I’m sorry for not keeping in touch. We’ve gone separate ways. Different priorities, you