7 day Kapha balancing Meal Plan for late winter & spring

Sweet cravings going through the roof? Haunted by the spring blues? Turning into a couch potato?
Return to balance with this 7 day Ayurvedic meal plan.

Recipes are lightly detoxing and optimised for spring digestion with optimal Ayurvedic food combinations, seasonal foods for spring and ready to eat within 30 minutes!

This meal plan helps you get back on track balancing your Kapha dosha, increasing your digestion and energy levels.

It is really and truly excellent.

Inspiring, creative, mouth watering!

- Nisha M.

Ayurvedic meal plan table of contents

The 7 day Meal Plan includes:

  • An introduction to Ayurvedic meal planning
  • How to use the Ayurvedic Meal Plan for Spring
  • Week menu with breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Detailed shopping list
  • Spices list
  • Meal prep tips for the week ahead
  • 7 breakfast recipes
  • 5 lunch recipes
  • 5 dinner recipes
  • 3 additions/toppings
  • 3 drinks recipes

This is not a juice or kitchari cleanse or a weight loss program. 

When Kapha is out of balance we need light, easily digestible foods, and spices to kindle our digestive fire. You might lose some weight... but it's not the end goal.

In a nutshell

Optimal food combinations

No need to break your head about proper Ayurvedic food combinations. It's all thought out for you.

Ready in 30 minutes

It is possible to have nourishing home made meals ready in 30 minutes. I promise.

Week menu

Follow the week menu or add recipes to your repertoire gradually. Your choice.

Vegetarian and gluten free

All recipes are gluten free and vegetarian. And they are easy to adapt for vegans too. 


six tastes

The Ayurvedic recipes are composed so that you have all 6 tastes in one day. Each recipe tells you exactly which tastes it includes.

Shopping list

The ebook includes a printable shopping and spice list. Just to make it even easier for you.

For less than the price of a meal out, grab your copy now! 

Only $19

  • Recipe ebook with 23 delicious and easy recipes
  • 47 pages of Ayurvedic recipes optimised for spring digestion with optimal Ayurvedic food combinations, spring seasonal foods and ready to eat within 30 minutes!
  • Instant download
  • Secure payment options
  • Downloadable to up to 3 devices

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